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The crew here at Shelogic want to know what you like.  Feedback is appreciated and celebrated.  We would throw you an ice cream party and rent you a limo for sharing all your wisdom and wishes on how this website can improve and evolve.  So Explore!  Welcome to the best place on the internet to find your own authentic style.  

About Shelogic

Shelogic, the artist

store owner

The Shelogic brand was born in 2003 in southern California when a friend who made natural dog treats and doggie skincare asked for help starting her website.  Desiring to do things right, this domain was created in addition to the dog friend's site.  Since then, many things changed as the original crew spread out far and wide around the planet.  Fortunately though, we continue to evolve by finding the best made, softest, stylishly unique comfort wear for women and those who love them.